Sweet September!

September is the month when the island starts to breathe again….

It’s the same every year here on Ibiza; we get through the heady, hot and humid months of July and August and suddenly we find ourselves in the sweet month of September, with a sudden burst of new energy as the island begins to soften and slow and the crowds subside a little, leading us into the heavenly late summer.

Don’t get us wrong, there is still wall-to-wall sunshine and blue skies, but there is a lighter feeling in the air, along with a rejuvenating breeze that comes off the back of the late August downfall that turns up right on time every year.

We really needed that burst of rain this year, as the island has been dry for many months now – and just when we were wondering if the regular August downpour would come at all, then it thankfully arrived with a spectacular show of lightening and crashes of thunder. Then within 24 hours, normal service was resumed and the sunshine was back but this time without the heavy edge of humidity weighing in alongside it.

September – what’s so great about it?

So what is it that we love so much about September? Well, on top of the gentler temperatures and clearer, fresher air, it’s the fact that it feels… well, just less ‘full on.’ The roads are not as busy, the beaches are less crowded and you can probably grab a table at a beach front chiringuito without having to book a week in advance.

But everything else about the island is still in holiday mode; Ibiza is still a long way from settling down into the slow Autumnal vibe and the parties, the nightlife and the fun-time vibes are still there to be had – just with a little less perspiration and fewer crowds and queues to negotiate!

Why not come and see for yourself?

So, in this timely spirit of being chilled out and laid back in the Golden month of September, we’re offering super flexible stays for this month that can range from short weekend breaks to full 7 night stays.

So, if you like the idea of a quick hop over to the island to enjoy the glorious September sunshine, check out these special weekend breaks we have on offer – or talk to us about your preferred dates or length of stay and let’s make it happen! Remember – we’re in chillout mode now, so you might just grab yourself a steal of a stay!



These September breaks are now only €7500 – which is only €625 per person based on 12 guests.