A very unexpected start to the season…

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It has been a very unexpected and challenging start to the season and we felt it was the right time to give you an update on the corona virus situation in Ibiza.

Usually at this time of year, we are putting the finishing touches to the villa; floors are being polished, bedrooms are being prepared and we are plumping cushions and adding the final touches to the space in anticipation of our first guests of April. Sadly, this Corona virus (Covid 19) pandemic has stopped us in our tracks as flights have been cancelled and Ibiza, along with much of the rest of the world, is now on an enforced lockdown.

When this first happened, two weeks ago today (at the date of writing this post) we decided to take a step back from our usual regular posts on Social Media – partly because the situation has been changing by the day and also because we believed that it didn’t ‘feel right’ to continually post promotional content while so many people in the world are feeling scared and uncertain about the future, their income, their businesses and their loved ones.

Also, we are not experts on the current pandemic (in fact, we have had to Google the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic!) so we didn’t think it was right to talk about something that we don’t fully have a grasp on and risk saying the wrong thing or posting incorrect information. There are plenty of credible sources, of which we will post the links to below, which we advise our guests, friends and online followers to take their information from.

That said, we have been in close daily contact via Whatsapp, email and voice calls, with all of our early season guests – most of whom are international retreat leaders and teachers, who have their own small businesses and their own retreat clients to look after. They have had their carefully and lovingly curated plans disrupted by the far-reaching travel restrictions and the lockdown / social distancing circumstances of their own home countries and we are working with them and supporting them to find solutions. We have not, as yet, directly contacted other guests coming later in the season as we feel very strongly that we need to continually monitor what is happening – again, only from very credible, authoritative sources – and we are re-visiting this strategy on a weekly (and often daily) basis. We remain hopeful that long-term disruption further into the season may be contained and minimalised, but we will adjust our position on this accordingly and on an ongoing basis.

Without wanting to get too deeply into the statistics – as this is not our area of expertise – the current situation, at the time of writing, is that Ibiza has approximately 77 confirmed cases of Covid 19, which is very low compared to the situation in Spain. Of course, as a Balearic Island we are ultimately governed by the laws of Spain, so we are of course adhering to the laws of our governing country. We are supportive of the decisive action taken by the Spanish Prime Minister in enforcing this very strict lockdown and we are optimistic that this decisive and far-reaching ‘lockdown’ will mean a return to normality sooner rather than later.

It goes without saying that we are in awe of the doctors, nurses and all other support workers, including supermarket staff and public service operatives – in EVERY country – who are selflessly continuing to work and offer their massive contribution to society throughout this time.


It is a worrying and uncertain time for all, and in many ways it feels like a very big ‘re-set’ for the future of how we all live and go about our daily lives, but we hold close to our hearts the ideology that respect for our environment, respect for each other and all living things, along with a shared and renewed sense of community in these unprecedented times will only bring a clearer and kinder sense of perspective to our ongoing lives.

Meanwhile, we will return to posting some images of Can Verru for those of you who we hope to be seeing this Summer and for those of you who may be considering a visit to the beautiful While Isle later this year, next year or in the future.

We are sending you our love and a huge bundle of positive vibes from Ibiza.

Stay safe, stay well, stay positive and – for the time being – stay indoors!

Love from all of us at Can Verru x

If you would like to talk to us about your current booking, or a potential future booking, please feel free to call / message or email us – we are here for you!

Sarah – Can Verru Director and Retreat Coordinator

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Our recommended resources for updates on the current situation in Spain and Ibiza.

https://english.elpais.com/. National Spanish newspaper in English

https://www.diariodeibiza.es/. In Spanish but can be translated when viewed on a web browser

https://maninsanan.com/. A concise and informative daily Blog written by a long-standing English member of the Ibiza community who has strong links to the island government.

https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain UK Government guidelines on travel to Spain