A kind of quiet optimism…

‘Strange times’ has got to be one of the most used phrases of 2020, but it pretty much sums up what it’s been like. However there seems to be a palpable shift happening and a gradually increasing optimism that perhaps 2021 is going to look a lot more like a ‘normal’ summer season in Ibiza.

It’s too early to tell if the clubs are going to open; there are a lot of discussions underway on the island right now, but it certainly looks like visitor numbers are going to be heading back in the direction of pre-Covid summers, probably buoyed up by the amount of very positive press Ibiza received in its most quiet of seasons.

With much of the late night hedonism off the table in 2020, more visitors were enjoying the simpler pleasures of the island; the stunning beaches, the exquisite fresh, local gastronomy, small outdoor music and cultural expositions and an increased focus on wellness such as yoga, pilates, & hiking in nature.

This gently evolving shift in optimism as we look forward to 2021 has definitely shown up in the Can Verru email inbox! Enquiries are significantly up and potential guests are getting closer to making solid plans for their Ibiza paradise escape. With much of Spring already booked with clients who had to move their dates from last year, the peak summer months of July and August are going to be filling soon.

If you are feeling that imperceptible shift of optimism and are dreaming of celebrating in Ibiza next Summer, get in touch with us for our remaining availability and rates.