Add a day of Wellness to your holiday at Can Verru

Can Verru Wellness Packages

Your first full day in Ibiza is your ‘landing’ day! Let’s get you grounded, relaxed and ready for your Ibiza holiday…

10am start – or later if required! –

POWER JUICE! Ok, so many mojitos may be part of the ongoing plan for your week at Can Verru – and why not? But let’s get you off onto a good foot and feeling totally great, with our purifying detox juices – packed full of all the right stuff to get you feeling fabulous and ready to get the most out of your holiday. You’ll thank us for it!

10.30am MEDITATION – Many of you may have come from high-pressure work or home situations and normally this would mean it takes a bit of time for you to unwind. Not at Can Verru! Let our highly qualified Meditation practitioners guide you into a state of bliss, allowing you to be totally ready to relax and unwind and to calm your chattering ‘monkey mind.’ And breathe…..


Ease away those aches and pains and allow your body to realise that it is on holiday! Shift those tight knots and stiff joints to get yourself in the very best physical shape for your Ibiza holiday.


Forget about making food after this body and mind re-set; we will present you with a gorgeous, healthy, purifying brunch to feed your appetite – and your soul!


Like the cream on the cake…a full body holistic and diagnostic massage is the perfect way to ease your body and mind into true holiday mode. You’re welcome!

Have this whole experience again on the day before you depart, so you go home glowing – no matter how many late nights you had!

 If you would like to add this Wellness package to your holiday again on the day before your departure  – or at any point during your stay – we can offer you a special discounted rates on your second package.

*All inclusive price of €150 per person for a minimum of 4 people. Discounts for larger groups or additional packages.

Would you like to add to your Wellness Experience while on your holiday with Can Verru?

Our Client Care Manager, Sarah, has spent many years curating and coordinating wellness retreats on the island, guiding visitors to Ibiza towards the most transformational therapists and teachers to enhance and uplift their lives. Sarah can connect you with the very best healing practitioners and wellness therapists on the island for whatever your mind and body desires!