Sweet September!

September is the month when the island starts to breathe again….

It’s the same every year here on Ibiza; we get through the heady, hot and humid months of July and August and suddenly we find ourselves in the sweet month of September, with a sudden burst of new energy as the island begins to soften and slow and the crowds subside a little, leading us into the heavenly late summer.

Don’t get us wrong, there is still wall-to-wall sunshine and blue skies, but there is a lighter feeling in the air, along with a rejuvenating breeze that comes off the back of the late August downfall that turns up right on time every year.

We really needed that burst of rain this year, as the island has been dry for many months now – and just when we were wondering if the regular August downpour would come at all, then it thankfully arrived with a spectacular show of lightening and crashes of thunder. Then within 24 hours, normal service was resumed and the sunshine was back but this time without the heavy edge of humidity weighing in alongside it.

September – what’s so great about it?

So what is it that we love so much about September? Well, on top of the gentler temperatures and clearer, fresher air, it’s the fact that it feels… well, just less ‘full on.’ The roads are not as busy, the beaches are less crowded and you can probably grab a table at a beach front chiringuito without having to book a week in advance.

But everything else about the island is still in holiday mode; Ibiza is still a long way from settling down into the slow Autumnal vibe and the parties, the nightlife and the fun-time vibes are still there to be had – just with a little less perspiration and fewer crowds and queues to negotiate!

Why not come and see for yourself?

So, in this timely spirit of being chilled out and laid back in the Golden month of September, we’re offering super flexible stays for this month that can range from short weekend breaks to full 7 night stays.

So, if you like the idea of a quick hop over to the island to enjoy the glorious September sunshine, check out these special weekend breaks we have on offer – or talk to us about your preferred dates or length of stay and let’s make it happen! Remember – we’re in chillout mode now, so you might just grab yourself a steal of a stay!



These September breaks are now only €7500 – which is only €625 per person based on 12 guests.


Looking forward to a sweet September in Ibiza…

As we head into the hot and balmy month of August, when the island is full and the vibe is HIGH, we are already looking forward to the beautiful month of September when everything starts to calm down a little, the pace slows, the temperatures ease and the island starts to breathe again… phew! We have some incredible last minute deals for September – and we’d love you to come and stay at Can Verru!

September is one of our favourite months in Ibiza, as the high voltage months of July and August give way to a gentler pace, milder temperatures and lower humidity. September is when we fall in love with the island all over again, and we venture out from the coolness of our air-conditioned spaces and re-join island life, feeling calmer, softer and more relaxed…

September is the month when we can start to take advantage of the best things to do in Ibiza – those things that feel like too much effort in the heat of July and August. Kayaking, paddle-boarding, SUP Yoga, morning or evening hikes in nature; we can help bring all of this to your September holiday with family or friends. Come and see Ibiza at her beautiful best!

Special September Offers to make your Ibiza holiday even sweeter…..

We have some amazing offers to extend to our lovely Can Verru friends (and if you’re reading this Blog, then that means YOU!)

AUGUST 31ST / SEPTEMBER 7TH / SEPTEMBER 14TH – FOR 7 NIGHT STAYS – was €12,250 – now €10,000. That’s just €102 per person, per night based on 14 sharing – that’s about 50% less than a boutique hotel price!

OR come for a short break of 3 or 4 nights between any of these dates for only €8000 – that is only €570 per person (based on 14 sharing) for a short luxury break in the September sunshine of Ibiza.

Get in touch to discuss your dream Ibiza holiday this September at Can Verru.

Have a happy, healthy holiday at Can Verru


The International Wellness industry continues to grow at an incredible rate with  more and more people looking to incorporate health and wellness activities into their holidays. A recent survey by Travelzoo showed that 90% of respondents stated that a holiday had a positive effect on their physical and mental health. In fact, there has been a 20% increase in Brits taking specific wellness trips since 2015 and 79% of the survey participants were interested in taking a wellness break or healthy holiday in 2019. A further 41% of respondents said they would be looking for a holiday that has time dedicated allocated to wellness activities.

At Can Verru we can make it really easy for you to incorporate wellness and healthy activities into your summer holiday – and to include the whole family!

Our roof top gym offers training with fantastic views across the countryside and out to sea to enjoy from the exercise bikes or rowing machine. We have a comprehensive range of fitness equipment, from free weights and kettle bells, Kickboxing equipment, TRX, battle ropes to yoga and pilates mats, bricks and props in our dedicated yoga and pilates studio. If you are a dedicated fitness junkie – or maybe you are a trainer or teacher looking for a venue to run a fitness retreat – get in touch and we can send you a detailed list of our entire range of equipment.

We can arrange for fitness instructors, personal trainers, yoga and pilates teachers to come and teach you during your stay so you can keep your fitness regime going while on holiday.

If you fancy getting out and enjoying the countryside, we have a selection of bikes for both adults and kids to use or the whole family can get involved with a game of football on on the astro turf 5 aside pitch. Or just take it easy and layback and enjoy a range of massage treatments or other holistic wellness therapies – we work with some of the best practitioners on the island!

And of course, if you’re into health and wellness, you’ll be wanting to eat well too. Ibiza has a fantastic choice of clean-eating, plant-based, vegan or keto restaurants to suit any diet and we’ll happily fill you in on our island favourites. One of the best and a real clean-eating foodie heaven is Wild Beets in the pretty village of Santa Gertrudis. 

Or why not think about having your own dedicated chef for some or all of your stay. We work with some incredible chefs who serve up menus of the most deliciously satisfying and inspiring healthy food for both private groups of friends and family on holiday, or retreat groups running their wellness events at Can Verru.

If you’re including some health and wellness elements into your holiday it means you can enjoy plenty of guilt-free cocktails by the pool too – after all, you can’t be too good all of the time!


Add a day of Wellness to your holiday at Can Verru

Can Verru Wellness Packages

Your first full day in Ibiza is your ‘landing’ day! Let’s get you grounded, relaxed and ready for your Ibiza holiday…

10am start – or later if required! –

POWER JUICE! Ok, so many mojitos may be part of the ongoing plan for your week at Can Verru – and why not? But let’s get you off onto a good foot and feeling totally great, with our purifying detox juices – packed full of all the right stuff to get you feeling fabulous and ready to get the most out of your holiday. You’ll thank us for it!

10.30am MEDITATION – Many of you may have come from high-pressure work or home situations and normally this would mean it takes a bit of time for you to unwind. Not at Can Verru! Let our highly qualified Meditation practitioners guide you into a state of bliss, allowing you to be totally ready to relax and unwind and to calm your chattering ‘monkey mind.’ And breathe…..


Ease away those aches and pains and allow your body to realise that it is on holiday! Shift those tight knots and stiff joints to get yourself in the very best physical shape for your Ibiza holiday.


Forget about making food after this body and mind re-set; we will present you with a gorgeous, healthy, purifying brunch to feed your appetite – and your soul!


Like the cream on the cake…a full body holistic and diagnostic massage is the perfect way to ease your body and mind into true holiday mode. You’re welcome!

Have this whole experience again on the day before you depart, so you go home glowing – no matter how many late nights you had!

 If you would like to add this Wellness package to your holiday again on the day before your departure  – or at any point during your stay – we can offer you a special discounted rates on your second package.

*All inclusive price of €150 per person for a minimum of 4 people. Discounts for larger groups or additional packages.

Would you like to add to your Wellness Experience while on your holiday with Can Verru?

Our Client Care Manager, Sarah, has spent many years curating and coordinating wellness retreats on the island, guiding visitors to Ibiza towards the most transformational therapists and teachers to enhance and uplift their lives. Sarah can connect you with the very best healing practitioners and wellness therapists on the island for whatever your mind and body desires!






The sweetness of doing nothing…

The other day I was wandering around Can Verru as the final preparations were being made for our first guests of the season.
The sun was starting to set and our brilliant team were putting the finishing touches to the villa and the Moroccan Cottage.
The four-poster day beds were all laid out with fresh linen, with the evening sunshine filtering through the white muslin curtains. the new cushions and sun loungers were in place, the hammocks were hung from the palm trees and all of the outside seating and dining areas were set up in their comfortable and inviting positions.
At this point it occurred to me….
We are always talking to our potential  guests about how much there is on offer to do, both at Can Verru and on the island in general.
But sometimes, the most beautiful thing on offer is the opportunity to do nothing at all.
The Italians have a wonderful saying, which is “Il dolce far niente” which means ‘The sweetness of doing nothing.’
Any fans of the film ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ will remember this part of the movie, where Julia Roberts sits on the floor of her apartment in Rome, eating poached eggs and asparagus, reading the paper and totally indulging in the moments of quietness and peace.
As I wandered around the grounds of Can Verru that evening, with the sun dipping down behind the trees, this is the exact thought that came to me.
Can Verru is the perfect place in which to do absolutely nothing…
We all live such fast-paced lives these days. We are constantly on ‘high alert’ for the next email, the next Social Media prompt, the next digital interaction. We forget how to turn inwards, to our family and friends, to embrace the fact that it doesn’t matter if we are not immediately available.
Even when you take the whole ‘digital’ element away, we seem to be finding it ever more difficult in modern life to just switch off. We feel like we have to always be doing something, achieving something, experiencing something – even on holiday!
Maybe we have forgotten how to just ‘Be.’
A worrying trend, along with all the other pressures of life, is that there seems to be a new ‘competitiveness’ about holidays. “Oh, you’re going to Ibiza? You must go here, you must go there, you must try this restaurant, you must go to this night at that club..”
Doesn’t that sound exhausting? I would be on the floor if I had to go on holiday only to tick off loads of boxes of what I ‘should’ be doing to have the ultimate experience.
When was the last time you lay in a hammock and did absolutely, unashamedly nothing?
When did you last make the time to read that book you bought months ago?
When did you last say “No, I’m not going to do anything today.”?
Let’s get back to doing nothing very much! “Il dolce far niente!”
If you are ready to explore the art of doing absolutely nothing, we are here for you!
Plus we can also coordinate the best chefs, babysitters, massage and wellness therapists, drivers – and any other support you need – to make your holiday at Can Verru a peaceful sanctuary from the outside world.
Come and find your Happy Place…
N.B; High speed Wifi, kids activities and all-round entertainment concierge are available for those who want it! The Can Verru team are here to help you find your own happy balance and make the most of your wishes for YOUR own ideal holiday x
I hope we will be welcoming you soon!
Contact us for Summer 2019 availability x


Spectacular offers for 2019!


Imagine spending a week at Can Verru this summer.

A secluded high-lux villa oozing Ibiza chic and just a stone’s throw away from world-class beaches, restaurants and bars

This all could be yours!

Just contact us to book your trip…

Re-Treat Me! A Brand New Woman-Centric Retreat at Can Verru

Last week, Can Verru played host to a brand new retreat – Retreat Me!

The brainchild of the Nikki Porteus from We Are Beautiful Ibiza and Natalie Gillot from Love Pilates Ibiza, having seen so many retreats at Can Verru in the past, now seemed like the perfect time to try one of their own.

“We have the perfect space at Can Verru Ibiza! We are lucky enough to know some of the most incredible inspiring teachers and therapists on the island. Add to that friends begging us to create something to give them a break away from the craziness of kids, work and life – it was a no brainer!”

Natalie and Nikki say the objective of the retreat was to bring together a group of busy women, to provide well deserved time away from the day-to-day routine. To relax, nourish their bodies with plant-based delicious food, exercise, be pampered and enjoy some down time.  Also they really wanted them to take home some new knowledge around living a healthier lifestyle.

When asked why Can Verru makes the perfect venue for a retreat, Nat and Nikki said “Can Verru Ibiza has become a well known retreat location over the past years amongst fitness trainers and Yoga teachers. It is set in a tranquil location near some of the most beautiful beaches and countryside in Ibiza. There are plenty of hiking routes, more than enough open space for workouts, and it comes complete with its own beautiful Yoga Shala in the forest. It is also fully equipped with fitness equipment and Yoga kit. It comfortably sleeps 12 people and more can be accommodated very near by.”

And it seems that their wealth of experience made the retreat run especially smoothly. All the hard work was done in the lead up and as they both have different strengths, they thought it actually was was a breeze! They were so happy and they worked perfectly together!

So what did they learn from hosting their first retreat?

“We received great feedback from everything! The food was a highlight, provided by our friend Wendy at LoveBites Ibiza.  The group raved about the yoga sessions provided by the lovely Rachel at Rachel Spain Yoga, focusing on a chakra theme. We also added in a kundalini Yoga session with Nicole Shenton which was really special.
We had an informative talk by nutritionist Evie at Evie Nutrition, on the subject of digestive health.  It seems bloating is a common issue and some really useful tips were offered.
We held a talk on hormone health through the various ages of womanhood hosted by Cyd Jewellery. Plus a motivating talk on self love by Lydia Kimmerling which was a fascinating insight into the impact of negative thoughts about ourselves. This was a lightbulb moment for many!
On top of this daily pilates and outdoor workouts by Natalie at Love Pilates Ibiza, afternoon massages in the cosy tipi provided by Sarah Langlois and her team of skilful therapists and clinical hypnosis sessions by Claire from Valencia, dealing with a few anxiety related issues.
To  add to the wellness sessions, we organised a lovely hike through the gorgeous Ibizan countryside taking in the stunning view of Es Vedra.
We even had a really fun night out in Ibiza town at a dinner in a traditional tapas bar. (With a few bottles of wine, after all it’s all about balance!) Followed by Halloween celebrations at the world famous Pikes Hotel!
This schedule was expertly managed by Nikki who has many years experience in spa management, so even though this all sounds like a lot to fit it, it was actually seamless!”
Watch this space for the next Retreat Me coming soon!

Can Verru Retreat Season!

As the summer party season in Ibiza draws to a close, Can Verru settles down for some more sedate times. Our retreat season starts as the Closing Parties end and brings a much needed air of tranquility to the villa.


Can Verru is fast becoming the most talked about retreat venue that Ibiza has to offer – and that comes as no surprise!

Not only does the villa have multiple en-suite rooms, a swimming pool and an astroturf outdoor football pitch, ideal for alfresco exercising, it also has a fully equipped kitchen designed for catering for large numbers, an outdoor eating area with BBQ, plus a custom-designed Balinese style yoga studio within the grounds and a secluded massage and therapy area hidden in the trees.

The surrounding areas also offer lots of beautiful routes for hikes and walks.

Check out the latest retreat schedule right HERE and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to attend or host a retreat with us…



The Closing Parties Are Almost Here!

The end of September and beginning of October marks the conclusion of yet another season on the magical White Isle.

Here are Team Can Verru’s top picks for the parties to end all parties this year.


Glitterbox is a firm favourite at Can Verru! We just love the gay cabaret, the house and disco classics plus the anything-goes attitude! It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, when the glitter cannon goes off to the sound of Alison Limerick, everyone goes bananas!

Playing at the star-studded closing party on Friday 28th September are Dimitri From Paris, Louie Vega, Roger Sanchez, Joey Negro, Nightmares On Wax, Greg Wilson and Simon Dunmore. A veritable who’s who of house legends!

DJ Harvey at Pikes

The much revered ‘DJ’s DJ’ Harvey has held a summer residency at the hedonistic labyrinth of Pikes for the last couple of years. Every Monday night, the island’s elite and most discerning music lover’s descend upon the rabbit hole that is Freddie’s at Pikes to see the master himself take them on a multi-genre musical journey over the space of 6 unadulterated hours. The Closing is this Monday 24th September. Get there early to beat the queues!


Since moving from Space to Amnesia, Elrow has gone from strength to strength. At the closing party on the 6th October, expect the usual outlandish production, perfectly choreographed pyrotechnics, inflatables galore and loads of wild fun! The most outrageous party on the island, we reckon the closing will be even more over-the-top than usual!

And if you fancy making a week out of the closing parties in the finest of luxury, Can Verru have one final week free which just happens to coincide with the big end of season blow out – 22nd to 29th September.

Click HERE to book it now before it gets snapped up!

Can Verru – One Of The Coolest Hotspots in Ibiza

Can Verru Ibiza is proud to be included in the glossy new coffee table book ‘The Coolest Hotspots In Ibiza’.

This is a book about Ibiza created from a photographic standpoint, seeking the value of things through the prism of unique artists behind a camera. The creators have found a new way of understanding quality, doing things better, with care, dedication, ecologically and respectfully towards the environment. This new way shows things never seen before revealing shapes and colours that otherwise people would not have appreciated. This volume will immerse you in the beauty and enjoyment of secret, magical and surprising places that your senses will never forget.
Can Verru was selected by the authors as one of the coolest places on the island. The book aims to introduce Ibiza residents to new places, as well as national and foreign visitors.
The book is now available through amazon.com and soon will be available in specialised and general bookstores in 23 different countries!
Can Verru will gift a copy of the book to anyone making a 2019 booking. So you can take a piece of luxury Ibiza villa living back home with you…