Covid 19 – How are current and future bookings affected?

If you have a confirmed booking with us at Can Verru, our standard Terms and Conditions – that were accepted by yourself with the payment of your deposit – still predominantly apply.

However, for all clients who booked before April 1st 2020, we have offering an ‘extenuating circumstances’ proviso to offer some support to our valued clients.

Should extreme travel restrictions be in place three weeks prior to the date of your booked arrival that make your arrival in Ibiza an impossibility, or if the Spanish Authorities ban arrivals from your country of residence, we will offer you one alternative date transfer to an arrival date of a similar value to your original booking.

If we offer you a change of dates which you are unable to commit to at the given time, we will give you a travel voucher / credit for the amount your have paid that you will be able to redeem against any other future dates but this will be subject to availability and price fluctuations and we are not liable to offer any discounts that had applied to your original booking. Due to the unascertainable status of ongoing travel restrictions, we can only offer one date transfer per booking.

To allow us to seamlessly facilitate your change of dates, we ask that the original contractual payments of balances as per our Terms and Conditions are adhered to.

For clients who have already made an original booking for 2021 (not a transferred booking) and for clients who may be thinking of booking for 2021, we are willing to extend the same option of one free date transfer to a future date of similar value, should there continue to be widespread travel restrictions in place that prevent your arrival in Ibiza.

For clients who booked with us in 2019 / 2020 and have already had a date transfer, please see below the updated conditions regarding your booking, if it becomes apparent that widespread travel restrictions will affect your transferred booking dates.


Due to the continuing and rapidly changing situation with regard to travel, we can not make any changes to your current booking up until THREE WEEKS prior to your booked date of arrival. 

At this point, if Spanish / Balearic borders are open to international arrivals, flights are arriving and Can Verru is open and operational, then your booking is deemed feasible and you will not be offered a transfer of dates or credit voucher.
If widespread comprehensive travel restrictions are in place THREE WEEKS prior to the booked date of arrival then the following options will be offered.

NB; Comprehensive travel restrictions are deemed to be circumstances under which your arrival in the Balearics is an impossibility, such as travel bans issued by the Spanish Government or the Foreign Office in your country of residence, Spanish borders or Balearic islands closed to travellers from your country or ALL flights cancelled between your home country and the Balearics. 

Travel Restrictions do NOT include Foreign Office advisory guidance against non-essential travel. This is only suggested guidance and is not the same as legally binding travel bans. 

  • If the above circumstances are in occurrence three weeks prior to your arrival date and you have already been given a date transfer from your original booking, your booking will be cancelled and you will be given a voucher to the value of 75% of the total amount you have paid towards a future booking at the standard public rates, however we are not liable to offer you the same price or apply any of the same discounts that you may have received on your original booking.
  • If the above circumstances are in occurrence three weeks prior to your arrival date and you have not already had a date transfer from your original booking, you will be offered the opportunity to move your booking to an alternative comparable date at no extra cost – as long as you have paid the full balance of your booking. Alternatively, you may choose to cancel your booking and have a voucher to the value of the amount you have paid towards a future booking at the standard public rates, however we are not liable to offer you the same price or apply any of the same discounts that you may have received on your original booking.

NOTE – It is likely that many countries may ‘advise’ against non-essential travel for still some months to come, but travel ‘advice’ is not the same as blanket travel bans, nor is it legally binding, therefore we are not compelled to offer date transfers or credit vouchers in the case that non-essential travel is only advised against. Flight cancellations by your airline will only be considered a valid reason for either a date transfer or credit voucher if no other flights are departing from your country of residence due to widespread travel bans. You should be aware that when international travel restarts it is likely that airlines may condense their flight schedules into fewer flights and you may need to change flights to the airlines’ reduced schedules. We saw a lot of this in 2020, but we still welcomed many groups to Can Verru who had managed to navigate the ever-changing flight schedules – and they said it was well-worth the inconvenience!


From this point, where everyone must be aware by now of the difficulties and uncertainty of travel, we will only offer date transfers to new bookings made AFTER June 23rd 2021 which can not be fulfilled because the Spanish or Balearic Government have banned all arrivals from your country of residence making your arrival an impossibility, or if the Spanish Government imposes inbound quarantine on your arrival in Spain. We will not offer any refunds or date changes due to any further quarantine restrictions brought in by the Government of your own country of residence, or the implication of any quarantine measures when you return home.

It is the responsibility of each individual guest, group leader or retreat leader to ensure that they & their group have the necessary paperwork relating to their entry into Spain, including any required test results or vaccination status as determined by the guidelines in effect at the date of arrival.

To stay informed about any updates relating to your arrival in Spain, please refer to the Government website of your country of origin.

We are very much aware of the uncertainty surrounding travel plans for the rest of this year and we are happy to discuss a way to make your ongoing holiday plans come to fruition and to allow you to book with confidence.

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Stay safe and keep looking forward to when this current situation is way behind us. We look forward to welcoming you to Can Verru.