Turn Up & Teach – further information

Why is the price per person the same all year round?

What your clients receive remains the same whenever they come. The private chef, the menu, the accommodation and the Hosting Support do not change. We offer the same consistent high standard of service every month of the year.

Why can I only come in certain months, depending on the size of my group?

We have created this wellness holiday concept with ALL Yoga, Pilates & Fitness Teachers in mind. You may have a busy studio with plenty of clients who would like to join, or you may be a teacher with a smaller, dedicated group of students. 

We want this Wellness Holiday product to be open to all, so the more clients you bring, the greater the range of dates we can offer you. We have spent a lot of time juggling numbers to make this universally accessible. Additionally, private retreat chefs often have a minimum group size they will cater for that vary between mid-season and low-season.

Can we come for less than 7 nights?

Yes, of course you can, but all bookings are configured from Saturday to Saturday and we have streamlined the pricing as far as we possibly can to come up with a very competitive price for what we are offering. If, say for example you only wanted to come for 5 nights then we could look at a small percentage discount,  but this would be on a case-by-case basis and may possibly affect your Teachers commission. 

However, we believe that 7 nights works really well for a fully relaxing holiday and also gives you room to perhaps include 1 or 2 ‘free days’ to explore the island and make the most out of your visit to Ibiza.

Can I have a different configuration of shared or private places?

Not really – we have hosted countless retreats at Can Verru and we are very experienced in the best room layout for guests. Some rooms are best suited for single occupancy and not all are able to be split into twins. It is for this reason that we have structured the options of room layout / single and shared spaces as we have. 

Also, for you as a Teacher, it makes it much more simple to be able to say to your clients “I have X amount of private rooms and X amount of shared twin rooms. 

In the long term, it makes the whole thing more simple if you trust us with how the room configurations work best and it makes the availability nice and clear for your potential guests.

Do we have to have vegetarian food or can we have some meat or fish?

The menu included in our Wellness Holiday programme is vegetarian / plant-based with some locally produced eggs, cheese etc. We can cater for vegans, coeliacs etc at no extra cost. If your group would like a little meat or fish included in your menu, this can be arranged at a supplement. The reason we suggest a plant-based menu is because we work with highly experienced chefs / nutritionists who specialise in nourishing, satisfying and detoxifying menus that will satiate and fulfill the most discerning of palates. Your guests will not go hungry or feel that they are missing out on anything at all. They will feel lighter, healthier but they won’t feel hungry!

What does the daily menu look like? What do we get?

The daily menu is as follows;

A light and healthy breakfast.

An abundant and nourishing brunch / lunch

A healthy afternoon snack

A delicious, nutritious and satisfying three course supper – including some healthy sweet treats!

Nuts, seeds and an eclectic fruit bowl are provided daily.

What drinks are provided?

Tea, coffee, herbal teas and infusions are available at all times.

Filtered water is available from the filtration tap in the kitchen.

Some evenings we provide cocktails of Sangria or Margaritas, or Cava, plus organic wine (red and white) with dinner.

Can we bring extra drinks or snacks into the venue if we want?

Of course! This is YOUR holiday. You can bring whatever you want to your stay at Can Verru. There is an amazing local supermarket just a short walk away that provides any extra treats, sweets or drinks you may want!

What are my responsibilities as the Teacher / Group Leader?

To ensure the Wellness Holiday provides the optimal experience for your guests, we think the following responsibilities are best handled by you – the Teacher.

Introduce the concept to your  group using the information pack we will provide you with.

Quantify the committed level of uptake so that you can reserve a date.

Maintain contact with the Can Verru retreat coordinator and refer any queries or bookings to us

You must have Public Liability Insurance for your own clients – which undoubtedly you will already have as a Pilates Teacher.

We recommend that a few weeks prior to arrival you have a Group chat with your booked-in clients to discuss if there is anything else they want to add to the holiday.

How should I manage the Security Deposit?

As with every privately owned retreat venue in Europe, we require a refundable security deposit from the Lead Guest. Our security deposit is £1500. It is incredibly rare that we ever withhold a security deposit, but we must ask for it and receive it to adhere to our own property insurance policy. Organising the security deposit is the only bit of ‘admin’ we need you to do.

The most simple way is for you to pay this yourself and we return it directly to you within 7 days of departure. Alternatively, you can ask your clients to pay a proportion of this individually, but then you must collect those payments and send it to us in one bank transfer, and then you are responsible for the return of each client’s security deposit. You can have a chat with us to decide which way will work best for your group. 

NB; It is extremely rare that we withhold money from the security deposit. We normally only charge for wilful, deliberate damage or excessive, expensive accidental damage (for example if your group managed to smash twenty wine glasses during their stay!) Our Terms and Conditions go into more detail about the Security deposit, but it’s worth knowing that we have not had to withhold money from any security deposit for the last two years at Can Verru.

When do I receive my Teacher’s commission? 

When all final balances are paid as per the original number of booked guests on your holiday, and the security deposit is paid, you will receive your commission via Bank Transfer.

What are the Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy?

Normally at Can Verru, we rent the space to one Teacher or Group Leader and they are wholly responsible for their clients making deposit and balance payments and committing to the retreat or holiday.
However, with this Wellness Holiday concept, we are collecting the deposits and balance payments from your clients, booking the chef (and paying the deposit for the chef) so we have set out this payment structure and cancellation policy that is specifically applies to Can Verru Turn Up & Teach Holidays.

When we have agreed an available date that works for you we will reserve that date for an extended period of 10 days, to allow time for your guests to make their deposit payment of 50% of their booked place.

When all guests have made their 50% deposit payment, the booking is secured.
If, within that 10 day period, some guests drop out that leads you to a point of not being able to commit to the reserved date, we will return all deposits in full.

In essence, this gives your group a ten day ‘cooling off’ period to ensure everyone is committed and everyone wants to go ahead.

After 10 days, all deposits are non-refundable.

The clients must pay their balance three calendar months before the date of arrival. If at this point PRIOR TO FINAL BALANCE being paid, you then have clients that drop out, then they can transfer their deposit to another student or client of yours.
By requesting the balance payment three months before the start of the Wellness Holiday, we are giving you a reasonable amount of time for you to fill that space with another student or client. We will also offer our help and support in filling the space by sharing and promoting on our own social channels and mailing list, but we can not guarantee that we can fill the space for you.

If in the highly unlikely scenario that you have a space / multiple spaces that remain unfilled, we will work with you to ensure the holiday can go ahead. This may mean a reduced level of on-site hosting support (although background support will remain unchanged) and a reduction or loss of Teacher’s commission. The standard of accommodation and catering will of course remain at the same high level for your attending guests.

Once final balances are paid then all payments are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another client.

All individual clients are responsible for taking out their own private travel insurance to ensure they are covered for illness, injury, need to cancel or cancellation, including instances of Force Majeur.

EXAMPLE QUESTION 1; We have reserved to come in June with 9 guests, but now only 7 have paid their deposits – what can we do?

Your dates are only secured when the requisite number of guests have paid their deposit. If your numbers change within 10 days of making the reservation then you can cancel and your guests can have their deposits back.
Alternatively we can work with you to allow you to either;

  • Attend with a smaller group (conditions, supplements and/or loss or reduction of teacher’s commission may apply)
  • Consider taking the rental of the space on an independent / self-catering basis (charges may apply for loss of Chef’s deposit)
  • Transfer your Pilates holiday to a different date.

EXAMPLE QUESTION 2; I’ve booked for 9 guests, but now two more guests want to come – can they be added to the booking?

Yes, of course you can add more guests, but this may involve having to change the room occupancy of the group, so someone who has booked a private room will then have to share a twin room. It will be up to you to find a client from your group who is willing to change their room occupancy. Once the new / additional clients have paid, we will refund the difference in price to the clients who have paid for a private room but are now sharing a twin room.

In both of these example scenarios, it very much depends on the changes in your group from your initial plans to the point of deposit or final balance payment commitment. We can work with you on this, so keep in touch with us about any potential changes in your group size.

You and your guests will receive our full Terms and Conditions prior to paying the initial deposit.